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It’s Totally Legit to Work at Home!

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It occurred to me that many of the people I see daily either don’t like their current job or would much rather work at home. Not all jobs have that kind of flexibility, such as manufacturing or in-home appliance service, for example.

But many so-called office jobs are now performed at home rather than in an office environment. Accounting, marketing, graphic design, and many more, to name just a few. Looks like the guy in the picture loves to work at home and still holds up the requirement of office attire! (well, sort of)

By today’s standards, work at home businesses is rapidly becoming the norm and not the exception. That’s great news for people who need to be anywhere else but the office: Stay-at-home-Moms and others. They love the freedom of movement and creativity of a home office and work productively every day.

My post today focuses on the reasons why working at home is becoming immensely popular. I’ve thrown in some tips to give you some insight based on decades of working from home.

Productivity Soars

Work at home careers has advantages and disadvantages, as you might imagine. I think it is all about what is more relevant to you. If your current boss would not allow you to work remotely, perhaps you could bring up the cost savings of working from home for starters.

I can tell you that many people work this way, and their productivity is higher now than at any time before. I think it is because these people are happier at home, working. If you happen to have young children, the fact that you are always home with them surely helps with babysitting and care. When a person is happy and satisfied at work, it is no surprise that their productivity and creativity rise to new levels. It is a win for everyone involved!

I am a huge supporter of work at home careers. My feelings come from years of owning a home business. I’ve indeed worked my share of hours to be sure, but the hours I worked didn’t seem like work in the traditional sense. I still had to schedule my time and stay productive. If I did not make and follow a definite schedule, I do not think I would have been successful.

My Time Management Tips When Starting Out

I didn’t start out knowing how to manage my time, and it cost me dearly. In the early days, I thought I could just do through my days and do what I knew was necessary and coast the rest of the time because I was the “owner.” Please, never fall into that trap! When you are the owner, every facet of the business is your responsibility. You might as well face it. You will work more than you ever thought you would.

Working is a subjective term, however. Some people consider work as work. Others do not because their time for work is not working at all. Instead, they have fun and time flies. By the end of the day, they are disappointed to stop. Where do you see yourself? I can tell you today I see myself in the latter. I love what I do, and when late evening comes, I do not want to stop, but I know I must.

You must get the work done, whether you like it or not. So, why not do what you must do on your terms? The only way that will happen is when you own your business. Otherwise, you are working for someone else who has the right to tell you what to do. If you are ok with that, it’s ok. If not, maybe it is time to do something about it? (More on that later).

My #1 Tip of All Time to Get Things Done

Prioritize when working from home online

Create a list of the essential tasks that must get done. These are the crucial functions that are necessary for the business to operate smoothly and profitably. Eliminate the other “things” that do not contribute to the ongoing success of the business. In other words, prioritize. Prioritizing is to list tasks in order of importance. It also means that there is only ONE number 1. I understand that many tasks need to get done ASAP, and this is where critical thinking should take over.

Critical Thinking—Deal with the Facts

Remove unnecessary items from your list and deal with only those items that require your utmost attention. Because they are imperative to the business, you can make a good list that makes sense. At first, it requires a good bit of thinking about what needs to get done and in what order. I urge you to take this step slowly until you are good at prioritizing. It takes practice, and when you can whip out a list in a few minutes, you know you have a good grasp of what is most important in your business.

Time Management is Next in Line

I know you have heard this one before. I think time management is more critical today than ever before. With working parents, daycare, school, and yes, work (there’s that word again), time just keeps ticking away. Soon enough, all the “time” is gone, at least for the day. But wouldn’t it be great if you could harness some of that time or take it back and have a “do-over”? Well, a do-over is out of the question because what’s past is past. I’ve got more tips about how to do more with your time.

Managing your time is just as important as what you do during that time, isn’t it? So why not make the best of it? I don’t mean sitting on the couch and watching TV. That’s wasting time, of which no one has enough. Instead, take some advice from experts in time management. I think the tips they share will help you get a handle on how to manage your time.

I Had to Learn to Focus Better

I found that after working full time, and then working my home business, my list was my savior! Working all day and then shifting gears to work productively at home, too, would have been next to impossible without having my list ready. But, even with my list, I couldn’t keep up the pace without understanding how to stay focused on the task (s) at hand.

I won’t say that I’m an expert, but certain things work for some and not for others. For me, I sometimes had to force myself to focus on what I needed to do. The busy workday I just left had my mind reeling, but once I took a breather and then tried to refocus, things got easier. Maybe a cup of coffee, or just a few minutes of just relaxing, usually worked for me. I could feel myself re-energize, and I felt motivated to start my “new” workday. Try it out. Maybe it will work for you, too!

Commit to the Task at Hand

I think commitment has its roots in how much desire you have for what you’re doing. After all, if you’re not interested in what you’re doing, I doubt you will do it for long. And yes, I felt myself teetering on the thought of taking a day or two off because boredom crept in. I am as guilty as anyone with this one. My mind wandered, and I thought about other things I wanted to do instead of working on my business.

Was it burnout? Nope. It startled me to think I was considering giving up. I took a step back and gathered my thoughts and realized that I loved what I was doing, so why was I feeling this way? I’m still not sure, except to say that I know I was pounding out long hours, and I wasn’t acting like a good father or husband. I was the last person to realize this.

Don’t Forget About Your Life After Work

Speaking from experience, I can say that you shouldn’t allow your business to take up all your time. Remember that time is the one thing you can’t get back, and there are no do-overs. That said, part of your list should always include some well-deserved downtime—time to spend with loved ones. They are your most dedicated cheerleaders and will always be there for you, so be there for them, too.

It will surprise you how much more productive you will be when you have your family and loved ones cheering you on! Please, for them, count them in—always. Share your successes and failures with them. It’s all part of growing and succeeding. Don’t worry about looking bad to them because it won’t matter. If you’re a big part of their lives, you have all the support you will ever need!

I hope you have a better idea of the reality that goes with a work at home business and how you can make it work.

I’m going to talk about what I consider the best work from home business because many people take a mild interest and try to build a business. But I can tell you that if you only have a passing interest in something, d{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“ee582fa3-211e-468b-8654-ffa00cf62f70″],”srcRootClientId”:””}on’t build a business in something where you might quickly lose interest. You would kick yourself if you did.

Harness a Passion and Turn it Into a Business!

I think everyone is passionate about something, and it doesn’t have to be just one “thing.” Some people enjoy the arts while others enjoy rebuilding engines. Still, others have a passion for collecting seashells on the beach. The point is anything, and everything that interests you and is more than just a passing thought holds the potential to become the perfect home business for you.

An online business also has the potential to become a full-time business at some point. The number and types of online businesses have exploded in recent years, with no end in sight. If you were to tell me decades ago that I would write about this topic, I wouldn’t have believed you. Are you ready to end the discussion and make your goals a reality?

Is it Time to Do Something About It?

I said earlier that working for someone else doesn’t do you any good. It only helps the boss, and those above him, if any. Owning a work from home online business has so many advantages that I can’t list all of them here, but I suggest the best thing to do is at least give it a look here.

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