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Any respectable SEO pro will tell you the number one (and best) way to increase your website visitors is by creating relevant, interesting, and shareable content. But, there’s more, much more, to this statement.

While the basis for massive traffic starts with great content, it’s the planning for this traffic that is the point of this post. 

Perfecting SEO is a great place to optimize your content, so it ranks well in Google, but what in the world is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it includes a LOT of techniques and do’s and don’ts along the way. Aside from creating awesome content that your readers love to read, getting readers to see your content is your first goal. Without traffic to your site, it’s going nowhere.

Organic Search Results

Google search engine results pages (SERPS) show sites listed based on many criteria. When a person starts a search inside their browser, they’re using a keyword or a term that relates to the subject of their search. 

The results of their search show up in the SERPS. Inside this list of websites, the reader finds what they are looking for, opens the link, and reads the web page. This is organic traffic, and it’s the traffic your website needs. 

Like I said, there are many other ways to get traffic, but the most reliable is organic traffic. One of the most important parts of your training is learning what to do with your traffic once it grows. But let’s not jump too far ahead because we need traffic first.

Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchPeople use keywords to begin their searches in their browsers. It’s these keywords you need before you can write content. Keywords will always have their place in ranking content, regardless of what you might hear. Consider the difficulty in searching for shoes if you didn’t include shoes in your search query as your keyword! 

With Google’s semantic index using LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords, it’s not necessarily the keyword itself that does the heavy lifting in the ranking category. Google does a great job at determining the meaning of the content by finding LSI keywords plus a keyword or two that the content contains.

Think of related terms, like the relationship between apple and pie, or baseball and bat. Using LSI keywords is a way of implementing on-page SEO which is yet another technique taught in your training.  

Keywords direct the search engines to deliver relevant results that you’re looking for. It’s the same thing for content. As you create content for your website, it gets indexed by the search engines and then placed in the appropriate place (ranked) in the results pages. 

You may wonder how to find the keywords you’ll need. We teach you everything about keyword research. In fact, much of our training emphasizes searching for powerful keywords that help people searching for your content find what they’re looking for. 

But, keyword research is a learned skill that takes practice. We have tools to take the hard work out of finding the best keywords for your content, with full video and text training modules designed to maximize your learning of this critical skill. 

A Word of Advice

I talk about getting your site ranked high in the SERPS and doing your due diligence to get there. But I need to offer one piece of critical advice. Always, always, write for your reader first. It’s your reader you’re working so hard for, so make it count. 

The way you present content must always be your voice and no others. That means, keep it original and research your facts to make them jump off the page. Create great content that is unique and oh-so-interesting. 

Trust me when I say it doesn’t matter the topic you’re writing about. Research your topic until you know it as good or better than anyone else. Your readers will love your writing and that makes them want to read more. 

When the search engines see that your content is getting shares and a lot of traffic, they will notice. But, don’t trust them to do your work. Part of the work of an affiliate marketer is content promotion. If you’re ready to learn, we will teach you! If you’re serious and ready to start, we would love to have you! 

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