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Affiliate Milestones got its start by focusing on one singular niche. A niche, or topic, is what you build your business around. It is something you like and want to learn more about. Creating content about your niche is a great starting point for your business.

Affiliate marketing creates success for millions of people every year, and with proper training and commitment from you, there’s no reason you can’t include yourself in that level of success.

Starting your first affiliate marketing business is an exciting step that, when done right, can lead to an extraordinarily successful business that lasts a lifetime. That said, take the time to discover your niche.

List Your Interests and Passions

I know this sounds easy, but unless you already know your singular passion for this business, please take the time for this step. It’s part of the solid foundation you need. Write on paper at least 10 of your current interests and passions. This takes a bit of serious thought, but it pays big dividends as your business grows. Many of us have worked at jobs we didn’t care for and certainly didn’t see ourselves working there long.

Lack of interest takes the fun out of doing anything. If you lose interest in your business over time, all that you worked hard for disappears. That’s why I stressed taking your list of interests and passions seriously.

If you can’t seem to come up with a niche that works for you right now, don’t sweat it. Many people have several niches and work at them until they whittle their choices down to a manageable number. But, if you’re just starting out, I recommend working with only one niche for now.

Whenever you’re stuck when trying to find a niche that aligns with your passions, we recommend choosing a niche that’s always on the minds of people. Topics that all of us think about and never go out of style. Money, health, and relationships take the top spots every year. These topics (and hundreds more) define evergreen topics.

You’re not obligated to have just one website or many. Your affiliate business allows you to choose what’s best for you. In your early days of training and learning the business, focus more on education and the steps to reach your goals within a single niche.

Achieving each milestone brings you that much closer to realizing your goal of creating and building your thriving affiliate marketing business!

Choosing a niche to build your business around requires thought, patience, and research. You have ideas, but how do you know if your ideas work? Research. It takes time but the results help you decide on a suitable niche based on your interests and passion.

Research Your Niche

Research your niche topic to discover its popularity and pulling power. By that I mean how much interest is out there and if you can monetize your niche. Keyword research is crucial to your understanding of your reader’s needs.

Keywords uncover what questions are begging for answers and it’s your job to provide answers with content or products, or both.

A/B Split Testing

A technique that marketers use to help them decide which direction to take is A/B split testing. This means taking two different versions of an article about the same product or service and publishing them like normal to monitor the responses to both.

Each version is different to help you decide which one is most attractive to people. A/B split testing works well with large email lists. Sending one version to half of the list and the other version to the second half of the list should produce meaningful results.

Have conversations with people in your niche to uncover hidden issues people have. It’s a good idea to create probing questions that help you understand what people are talking about. Online forums about your niche can bring about interesting comments and questions that you can learn from.

Keyword Research

A favorite of mine is keyword research. It takes less time, and it yields very good ideas of what people are looking for within my niche. Combinations of words or phrases used show in near real time the urgency of the problems people deal with every day.

Effective keyword research is a learned skill that we teach you and how to learn more about your competition and the tactics they use.  Practice makes perfect, and this is no different. Your perseverance pays off big when doing this research. It’s a tool you will use every day as you create content for your business.

Know Your Competition

Don’t get discouraged because other people have the same ideas as you. Competition isn’t a bad thing because it shows you that in fact, you might be onto something with your choice of a niche.

One way to find out if your choice will earn money is by doing extensive research into your competition. Start searching for sites targeting your niche and list them so you can keep track of them.

A common and normal worry for many when they’re doing the research is about ranking for keywords. You need to stand out from the proverbial crowd in whatever niche you choose. Expect competition – sometimes a lot.

From my personal experience, here are some things to look for during your research that will help you determine if there’s room for you and your unique approach:

  1. As you read through the sites on your list, notice the lack of quality content, especially from people with little authority on the subject. Content cannot be without sufficient detail on the topic. It doesn’t offer the reader a pleasing experience, and they will look elsewhere to satisfy their innate desire for more information.
  2. We all know the difference between an authority on a topic vs. a slick sales job loaded with hyped and vague information that is useless. Authority is most important in content that ranks, and it’s your job to provide that. Website Traffic Gauge
  3. A method to uncover how well a niche is doing involves looking at how many advertisers are vying for your attention. Are people searching inside your niche, but with little noticeable competition involved? It’s time to rev up the engines and get to work because this is a golden opportunity to make yourself heard inside your niche!

Keyword research reveals information you won’t find anywhere else. It takes practice, but it’s well worth your time to learn this vital technique. We teach you the best keyword research techniques that yield the best results so you can better understand your competition and create content that people search for daily. I’ve only scratched the surface of niche research. I know a place that teaches you niche research from the ground up. Don’t miss this!

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