About Affiliate Milestones 

Picture depicting the road to affiliate marketing.


How often do you think about a new way to make extra money? I have met no one 100% satisfied with their current situation, regardless of the economy, unemployment rate, income, or even lifestyle. People destined to improve their lives are always looking for something better.  

After talking to people about changing things up, one overwhelming fact comes to the surface every time. Most people want a better life, but don’t know how to make it happen. They look, read, study, and go to meetings, but nothing clicks with them. The main reasons are time and money. I’ll add one more to this list. It’s trust.  

I know you want to make a change, but because you don’t trust the hype and free offers for making money online, nothing happens, and your goals end up in a holding pattern. I don’t blame you because I was there once, too.  

Affiliate marketing is easy to understand (lucky for me), and it holds real potential for great money. Marketing someone’s product for a commission makes sense because in the world we live, somebody sells something online; maybe that someone is you?  

If you search online for the definition of affiliate marketing, it’s explained in such a way as to give the impression it’s a matter of offering a product or service from someone else and receiving a commission for selling it. 

In its simplest form, that’s true, but leaves out critical details about finding a product that many people want, which is where most “gurus” come up short. That’s where Affiliate Milestones fills that void and more. Finding a product starts with learning what people want and providing a way for them to get it.  

Find a Product to Sell, But First…  

Finding a product to offer as an affiliate takes some time because to find a good one, you must research the company and its products, check out their sales volume, returns, reviews, and the commission structure. If the company checks out but doesn’t pay well (less than 50% commission), it’s not worth the effort.  

Thousands of well-paying affiliate programs exist today and pay over 50% commission. These companies love to pay you well and encourage more sales by you. Learn how to find them. We can show you when you’re ready. One mistake to avoid is jumping into affiliate marketing before you understand the business.  

I believe the best course of action for a beginner is to learn from a respected leader in the business and continue to learn every day without going broke in the process. That’s how you grow your business and prosper on your terms. Never stop learning!  

Build on Your Passion  

Everyone has a passion for one or more things. Sometimes, too much of a good thing gets in the way. You can’t be an expert at everything, so think about what fires you up most. Affiliate marketing is a huge business, and every passion you can think of is making people like you good money right now.  

The difference between you and them is that they pursued one passion. One passion is all it takes to get started. You can pursue as many as you can handle after you master your first one. Put your heart into it, and you’ll see after you learn the business it’s repeatable, which is one reason it can provide a sustainable full-time income!  

How to Find the Best Affiliate Program  

Successful businesses start with a well thought out plan and execute the plan step-by-step. Planning for success starts at the beginning, without moving too fast through each step. Don’t rush, always believe in your plan, and take the time necessary to complete each step. There’s no reason to rush because you’ll end up starting over again. That’s a mistake.  

After you learn the basics of affiliate marketing, which you will learn here, a logical step forward is choosing the best affiliate program for your niche (your passion relates to your niche). However, there’s no need to rush. Build a solid foundation for your business first. You can thank me later. We will teach you everything about choosing a profitable affiliate program.  

I think making money with affiliate marketing is easy when you know how. Affiliate Milestones takes you from the basics through more advanced techniques updated frequently. When you’re ready, we’ll show you how to put all the information to good use and build your own thriving affiliate marketing business.  

Each post addresses one or sometimes two interesting and appropriate topics designed to build on previous ones. You won’t be without good reading you can put into action immediately. As you progress, and once again, when you’re ready, we introduce you to a much higher level of education and knowledge to help boost your business and make sure it’s on a solid footing. From there, you’re ready to continue your journey and build the business of your dreams! 

Come on board. There’s room at the top!