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Can I Build My Own Website? Yes, You Can!

Can I Build My Own Website?

I can’t imagine a business today without some kind of web presence. In fact, without a website a business won’t grow, especially a new one. Brick and mortar stores, instead of relying on newspaper ads, now realize the importance of having a web presence.

How a busy business owner has the time to build their own website is beyond me except to say they can get expensive and time consuming – but they don’t have to be out of reach.

There is a better way.

It’s true that paying a professional to create a website for a young business startup might bankrupt the company before it gets started. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A web presence starts with just that – a presence to get the name out there. There are no rules stating what’s required – only that it provides the customer with information about the company and its purpose. That’s the starting point and from there, additions and improvements happen as often as necessary.

Why a Website Is Important

Build Your Site

Business lives and breathes recognition. It receives recognition from its reputation, and when earned over time, gives that business an advantage because people instantly recognize the brand. A website provides 24/7 access to the business and its products. People can visit the site easier and it’s more convenient than driving to the business.

From the website, customers receive updates on products and services and get support on a weekend or during evening hours when most businesses are closed.

The website also becomes a source for important information outside of normal business hours. In these times of instant information, a webmaster understands the need to have information readily available for its readers and the most attentive ones make sure it happens. 

In contrast, think of the days when shopping malls attracted untold numbers of people looking for a store that piqued their interest and most times window-shopping was the norm. A website solves this problem and more.

A website brings all the products and services to your customer in their homes and at their convenience.

Solution to Problem for Business Metaphor

Your affiliate marketing business is no different. But the difference between a web presence and a complete and working website is what we teach you! That difference sets you apart from other affiliate marketers that haven’t learned the business from experts in their field.

Affiliate marketing isn’t just building a website and hoping people will buy your product or service. It’s about helping people solve a problem. People search the Internet for answers to their questions about products and services. When you offer a viable solution to their problem, you have a customer for life.

Your readers have various questions about many things. How do I start a home-based business? Where can I get my car repaired? What movie is playing tonight? Where can I find the best insurance? These are just a few of the thousands of examples of pain points people experience daily and seek answers. As an affiliate marketer, it’s your job to fill that void.

How Do You Know What People Want?

An effective strategy to provide answers to your readers’ questions is to find their pain points. Keyword research is the tried and proven way to flush out popular research queries and use them to write content around. In case you’re wondering, yes, we teach you how to become proficient at this critical skill, too.

Advertisers hope that a large percentage of people will respond to their ads and buy their products. Unless you have an established business and website, it’s hard to predict if a business will succeed. When a person knows where to find your website and can access it anytime for answers or buy your product, chances of success increase.

The effect from constant advertising has its plus side, but it’s very expensive and hard for a new business to justify. We show you how your website content attracts organic traffic that’s ready to buy from you because you offer a solution to their problem. We don’t offer a quick way to make money online because to build a successful affiliate marketing business, your commitment and dedication determine its success.

Build a Website With Our System

I mentioned earlier that there is a better way. I was referring to building your website. Our system is easy to learn and easier to implement. It’s not a goofy platform where you add odd looking elements that don’t coincide with the content. The platform is WordPress, which is ubiquitous with websites everywhere.

When you become a Premium member (which won’t take long after you see the value) we teach you every step of creating your first website. A WordPress website is secure and considered by many as the gold standard of content management systems (CMS). If you’re already a seasoned marketer, you know the power and ease of use that WordPress brings to the industry.

WordPress Word Cloud

Some of you reading this may already have a thorough understanding of coding, which is a powerful tool in website design. Working with WordPress doesn’t require a knowledge of coding, which is why it’s so popular. But, if you know how to code, you’re free to change up theme designs to your heart’s content to make it yours!

The program I’ll be introducing you to soon includes all the tools you need to build your first and subsequent websites, and the best part is, they’re included in your membership. Also, SSL (secured socket layer) comes with every domain at no additional charge, together with website hosting. Just SSL and hosting alone represent a huge annual savings, and they’re included with every website you create (up to 10 as a Premium member). 

Not everyone understands how to build a functional website that performs like the expensive-looking ones we all see. We understand this and offer training that shows you how to overcome your fears and design a professional and functional website in the shortest time possible! And, our community of “techies” love to share their knowledge and can answer any question you throw at them. 

Sometimes we get in a bind with our websites for a variety of reasons. Our support is second-to-none and included in your membership. Ask them and they respond – usually within a few minutes. When you’re stuck with something related to your website or another similar issue, support reacts almost immediately and gets your problem solved. This kind of response resembles that of paid support from IT firms that comes with a hefty price tag! 

With your Premium membership, virtually everything you need to become an elite affiliate marketing professional is at your fingertips. The one part that’s missing is you! Can’t wait to get started? Click on the “Ready Now? Start Here for FREE!” button on the Home page.


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