Can I Build My Own Website? Yes, You Can!

Posted on Website Building

I can’t imagine a business today without some kind of web presence. In fact, without a website a business won’t grow, especially a new one. Brick and mortar stores, instead of relying on newspaper ads, now realize the importance of having a web presence. How a busy business owner has the time to build their own website is beyond me except to say they can get expensive and time consuming – but they don’t have to be out of reach. There is a better way. It’s true that paying a professional to create a website for a young business startup […]

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Discover Your Niche

Posted on Niche Research

Affiliate Milestones got its start by focusing on one singular niche. A niche, or topic, is what you build your business around. It is something you like and want to learn more about. Creating content about your niche is a great starting point for your business. Affiliate marketing creates success for millions of people every year, and with proper training and commitment from you, there’s no reason you can’t include yourself in that level of success. Starting your first affiliate marketing business is an exciting step that, when done right, can lead to an extraordinarily successful business that lasts a […]

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