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Independence and Freedom

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Why Work for Someone Else When YOU Can Have It All?

But, do it right…

From a “work at home” perspective, I think the terms independence and freedom have a nice ring, don’t you? Honestly, after owning a home business for so long, I don’t know of any other way to earn a living. However, I understand that most people can’t decide one day to work from home and expect to make ends meet and all is good on the home front. In fact, far from it.

I’m not the person to suggest that you can open your business one day and be successful the next. It doesn’t work that way, and it’s foolish to believe it. My point is, too often when people look for opportunities to help them decide on their future, they find that yes, many opportunities exist but they’re not truthful, nor are they legitimate.

Whatever you do, please check the reviews of any opportunity you might find and vet the company. If you’re looking for another way to supplement your current income or go full time with your own business, more power to you! Owning a business is a fascinating career with so many rewards you’ll wonder why you didn’t start before now. Success comes at a price, however.

Your passion typically will allow you to power through the hard times, which you will have occasionally, and apply what you’ve learned so you won’t have the same issues over again. Other advantages surely help you make your decision about owning a business. For example, nobody but you tell you how to run your business and every decision made directly affects the business’s bottom line.

If you like to work long hours, so be it. It’s your choice. If you would rather go sailing or fishing, that’s also up to you, but in the early days of your business, taking leisurely time off might not be a good idea. Time off is a good thing, and it’s necessary, but not if the business will suffer. The choice is up to you, as always.

The independence you’ll experience is an exhilarating feeling, but it comes with responsibility. That you’re in the business in the first place is a good indication that you understand this point. Again, it’s your passion and willingness to work your new business to perfection that determines its success. I don’t know of any business owner who complains about work when the business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Your Passion Helps Determine Your Success

You love what you do, and you want to make a career out of it! No one can blame you, and I say, “Go For It!”. Through the years, I’ve seen a few people who just seem to be a perfect fit for a particular field, but they didn’t agree. To me, it was a complete waste of amazing talent. I’ve also witnessed a few people who knew, without a doubt, that they found their “niche” and had every intention of staying with it no matter what.

Which person are you? The one with amazing talent just waiting to grow that talent or the person who knows where they’re going in life? Either way, the passion you have inside of you will give you the jump start you need. The life of independence and freedom that comes from owning your business can’t be underestimated.

I’ll never try to paint a picture of sunny days by the pool every day to convince you that owning your business gives you that. Instead, I’ll leave the visions of your success up to you. It’s your success, not mine. However, I would love it if you took what I’ve written about and changed your life!

Success Looks Different to Each Person

Lots of people view success as having time off for the family. Others imagine a bank account full of money that has no end. Still others dream about all the things money can buy. That’s how success means different things to different people, but getting there hasn’t changed. It takes work and commitment. Honestly, doesn’t that go without saying? As you’re reading this, doesn’t it make sense that to make a business successful, it involves work, passion, and commitment?

Working your own business has a slew of personal benefits. For example, just knowing that you’ve reached your goals and your life is much better as a result could be the springboard to an even better future. The inspiration to do well in life certainly spills over into your personal life, and people notice this. The confidence that comes from creating goals and reaching them keeps you motivated and at the top of your game.

Choose Your Niche and Begin

I think it might be safe to say that you have seen businesses open, and then they close shortly after. What do you suppose caused it? It’s hard to know for sure, but from experience I can make a good guess. Usually, the cause for closing a business comes down to one of three things or in combination. Let’s take a look at each one.

Lack of Money

Going out of business because of a lack of money suggests to me that the owner thought from day one the new business would boom and the money coming in would take care of the expenses. In most businesses, but not all, startup cash gives the business its best chance for success. However, it’s not just money.

Lack of Business Management Skills

An excellent business manager understands the intricacies of running a business, including how to manage expenses and build the business to profitability. Building the business requires a skilled marketer and business savvy intelligence. Without at least a basic understanding of business, getting to profitability becomes a challenge.

Lack of Passion or the Wrong Niche

Often enough, a lack of effort becomes clear because the business owner discovered that his or her passion for the business never materialized, usually because of waning interest in the niche. The niche could be anything, but the key is that without a genuine passion for the niche, the business likely won’t get far which brings me to my next point.

Exactly What is a Niche, Anyway?

Business man writing niche conceptA niche is a narrow part of a much larger field. For example, let’s say you’re interested in the health field. Hundreds of smaller areas or niches exist in this field. Specialties such as heart surgeons, respiratory therapists, nursing, or any other specific area within the larger field of health. The idea is to narrow down your choice and eventually decide on a smaller niche that isn’t crowded or overly competitive. Here’s an article for more information about niche research.

After you decide on your niche, you can then develop a plan to build your business. This is an important step, so take your time. Get advice from people who’s opinion you trust. In fact, you can reach out to others just like yourself who already have their own business and get their advice, too.

Online or Local?

With the popularity of owning an online business, have you considered this? It depends on your niche but many businesses that exist today are online. There are many excellent reasons for this. A niche that doesn’t require a physical presence is a perfect candidate for an online business. The costs are substantially lower and the upfront investment is next to nothing compared to a brick-and-mortar building.

If your preference is a local presence, you can expand your niche and create an online presence and a physical one. It’s a choice that requires a lot of planning and more upfront costs, but if your passion demands it, then go for it!

In closing, I would like to invite you to check out a website that will show the way. There’s so much to learn and see, and I feel that if you’re considering an online business, this is the place to start.

Thanks for reading, and if you ever have questions or you just want to give a thumbs up with a great reply, feel free to leave your comments below. It would be much appreciated!

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